How KCP Got Started
by Carol Lancaster

Carol Lancaster KCP copyA small team of moms and daughters became aware of human trafficking during our first trip to India. A couple days after arriving, a new friend who had been visiting GB Road (the largest sex trafficking area in the world) asked us to join him there to encourage the ladies entrapped in the sex industry. We said yes.

A toddler was chained to a wall. Chained cells, smaller than our closets, aligned the rooms. Trash, pimps, ladies of all ages, were scattered about the room we entered. The ladies were dressed in bright India clothes. Their eyes were dark, distant and dead. I’m confident they didn’t feel like ladies anymore. Did they ever? They were property. Slaves. Needless to say, our hearts were broken; we knew we couldn’t ignore this travesty.

The next day we visited more new friends who are now family to us and an intricate part and heart of our team. They had several schools in the slums where the most desolate children got to attend at no cost to the children’s families.

At one of the schools we met a beautiful little four-year-old girl. Her mother was planning to sell her little girl, her precious daughter, for $200. Yes, $200. We knew we had to intervene and intervene quickly. (Remember, our team was a small group of moms and daughters.) And, we had just visited GB Road and had seen the plight awaiting this precious baby girl. This was not happening on our watch.

We were overwhelmed with all we’d experienced, but still able to come up with a plan. We purchased hundreds of silk scarves, packed them in our bags and brought them back home. We told the story of the little girl and some of what we’d experienced on GB Road to our families, friends, neighbors, church — to everyone that would listen. We ¬†gave the India scarves out and accepted donations to open the first KCP children’s home. Within three months of our return from India, construction of the home was underway. Amazing!

Also, on our first and most profound trip to India, our new friends (now family) were late in picking us up. They were very apologetic and explained one of the little girls in one of their schools had been ill. They took her to the hospital. She was given a blood transfusion, etc, and sent back home. She was to return to the hospital in a few days for another transfusion. The sick child’s teacher lived near her slum dwelling, stopped by to check on her and asked what she could do for her. The sick little girl asked for a bottle of fresh water and shampoo. The teacher quickly collected the meager requests and took the water and shampoo to her student. The sick little girl drank the fresh water (the first she’d had), washed her hair, and died.With heavy hearts and full suitcases, we came home.

With the funds secured for the home, we began planning our second trip to India. With the help of our church, friends, family, and community, we were going back to India with 111 large army duffel bags filled with toiletries, school supplies, candy, toys, clothes — as much as could fit in two-gallon plastic bags for each of the 2300 children in the slum schools. Children called ‘untouchables’ by the world, were about to experience Christmas for the first time in their lives. They were going to feel important, loved, and even cared for. Wow, wow and wow!

A team of 31 people flew to India to open the KCP home and give Christmas gifts, hugs, and blessings, to 2,300 children in the slum schools. It was beautiful.

After two trips to India in a nine month period, I was ready to slow down and focus on home, kids, family, and church. My teenage daughter asked me to do more to combat human trafficking. I rambled on about how much had been accomplished. ¬†Children were safe and more children felt loved. I told her I needed to put “my fight to stop human trafficking” on the shelf for a while and refocus on home. My daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, if you don’t do it, who will?” Humbled and broken, I said yes and have been saying yes ever since.

Ending human trafficking is a God-ordained purpose in my life. I’m a regular mom, with regular problems with a driving desire to combat human trafficking through prevention and education. Thus, the beginning of KCP.

Join me, join us, as we protect children in India from the clutches of poverty, depair, and human trafficking. It takes so little from us to give children hope, life, safety, and an education in one of the poorest most desperate parts of the world. Call us at 972-890-1453.



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