Education, Food and Clothing


Slum school childrenHaving a spot in school, having your name on the roll, makes a kid in the slums of  India important. He has a purpose for living. Someone has a plan for him – and it’s more  than just surviving one more day before he dies.

The children in the slum schools we support are provided an excellent education. Along with the education, they’re told they’re valuable and taught how to work hard. They’re taught a trade or given the opportunity to continue their education in college. They’re taught how to prefer one another. The boys are taught to protect and honor their sisters, mothers, and ultimately, wives and children. The girls are taught they are worthy, beautiful, and important. They all learn they are NOT invisible.

Given an education allows these children bound in poverty, crime, and abuse, to change the trajectory of their future. They have the ability to hope. And, the willingness to dream, plan and work to achieve a better way of life.

Over half of the schools we support are sponsored. In addition to the excellent education all the schools provide, the sponsored schools also serve a warm, healthy meal each day, along with clothing, medical care, and a blanket to each child.

On one of our earlier trips to India, we were at our partners’/national family’s apartment. They live across the street from the largest slum in the world — by choice! They are both educated. She’s a doctor of economics and he received his masters from Oxford University. They spend their lives, 24/7/365, caring for the least-of-the-least-of-the-least. Their apartment is on the second floor and their door is always open.

I was there working on VBS materials we’d taken over for the kids, as one mother after another climbed the stairs to the apartment with her children begging for her children to be admitted in their school. Each time, the mother and and her children were turned away because all the schools were already overpacked with kids.

After seeing and hearing this exchange a few times, it was evident that another school needed to be started. Within the hour we had planned the first KCP school. We returned home, shared our story, and  gathered the necessary funds. Just hours after opening registration over 500 additional children from the slum were enrolled to start school and change the outlook of their life and their family’s life forever.

As more funds become available more schools will be started and sponsored. You can help change a child’s life by helping sponsor a school for as little as $25/month. Please help us spread the word by sharing with your family and friends. Together, we can make a difference. Together we are more powerful. Together, we can stop human trafficking.

It’s much easier to train a child in the way he should go than change the views of grown men and women. Education is vital in the fight to end human trafficking.

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