A mission trip to I____ is guaranteed to be an emotional roller coaster – you will witness a great deal of both oppression and salvation. During our most recent trip, I learned (for the first time) the detailed story of how one of the girls came to live in the KCP safe home. The young girl’s devastating story was delicately whispered into my ear as I watched her play with her friends across the room, laughing and braiding hair and talking about school. I couldn’t believe the horrifying, nightmarish life she had lived before we found her. My heart was broken.

In that moment, I realized each of the sweet girls in the safe home must have an equally heartbreaking story. And despite the trauma they have endured, they are truly thriving. They are strong, intelligent, healthy, and grounded in their faith. I wondered what made these girls so different from thousands of U.S. foster children who suffer from trauma-related mental illness. The answer, I realized, is love. It is the single most important thing we do for the children we rescue on the other side of the world: we bathe them in unconditional love.

It was difficult to process everything I saw there, but it was worth every bit of the heartache. I came home feeling blessed and grateful for the opportunity to witness the healing power of God’s love in action.  I look forward to returning.  NPLancaster


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