Trip Update – November 2014


The November 2014 Trip to India was impressive.

Our first full day was Sunday with services beginning at 9am in town and ending late on the rooftop of a temple on the outskirts of town. What an adventure!

The next morning started at the Bible school. I remember dedicating the land it stood on just eighteen months before. The ground was so hard a shovel couldn’t penetrate it. Now, it’s a beautiful home and school to some forty people, filled with peace and promise. The praises rising from the dedication service in the chapel were loud and beautiful. A multitude of angels had to be accompanying us. I hope the feeling and memory of the day stays with me forever.

The majority of the time was spent behind the scenes…working on the nuts and bolts of the massive organization we get to support. Listening to the operations leaders and establishing procedures to help work flow in all areas. Offices were set up along with a library, a computer lab, a study area and even a play area with a ping-pong table and foosball table.

Precious valuable time was spent with our hosts in their home and sharing daily meals at their family table.

Several days began in the prayer tower.

We spent time with the girls in their home with lots of singing, dancing, playing, hugging, giggling and crying. As we were leaving one day, one of the precious girls asked to pray for me. I heartily agreed and they all laid their hands on me and prayed, and prayed and prayed. I was sure my heart was going to bust. And, it did prolong our stay a bit longer. Everyone won.

We visited schools filled with bright beautiful children eager to learn, thankful to be there, and with exceptional manners. “Hello, Mam.” Excuse me, Mam.” “Thank you, Mam.” Music to my ears.

We visited five new plants scattered across the city. New leaders. First time guests. Children. Parents. All longing for more. How did we get picked to be a small part of this?

Chai tea with shopkeepers and fresh squeezed orange juice offered and shared with street vendors. Invited into homes for prayers of blessings and healing. Beautiful teachers. Wonderful cooks. Godly leaders and countless dear friends I can barely communicate with. Our hotel family. Dear precious drivers. Love is not bound by culture or language. Saying YES has its advantages.

Much was accomplished for a team of eight. We didn’t have community outreaches and there weren’t big meetings. But, the trip was revolutionary for all involved.

I’m already looking forward to returning to my other home.

Thank you for your prayers, support, gifts, your love for me and my family and for your love of our dear India family.

Yes, yes, and yes,


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